В Англии начали отменять балет.
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Автор:  Octavia [ 17 июл 2022, 17:12 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  В Англии начали отменять балет.

Думаю это только начало. Слышала о подобном случае и в Нью Йорке - воийна с "white privilege".

Author Douglas Murray says a UK dance school scrapping ballet over its "elitist" and "white" art

A leading dance school has dropped ballet from its entry auditions as staff say it is an ‘elitist’ art form.

The Northern School of Contemporary Dance has reviewed the inclusion of ballet in its School entry process, saying it brings with it a ‘contentious nature’ and that the form of dance brings with it ‘white European ideas,’ the Telegraph reports.

The school argues learning ballet is expensive, idealises certain body shapes and physical attributes, and divides roles along gender lines.

Information from the school, based in Leeds, said: “We review content and have removed ballet from our audition day due to its potentially contentious nature.” ... -art-form/

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